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Coach finds inspiration in Keith Haring’s work for 2018 campaign

Fashion brand Coach has unveiled its global campaign for Spring 2018 and has been inspired by artist Keith Haring’s work. Their latest products are indeed customized to reflect some of Haring’s iconic illustrations.

Keith Haring (1958-1990) was a US artist who became famous with his joyful illustrations. Haring belonged to the artistic movement that popped up in New-York in the 80’s, inspired among others by the graffiti culture that started emerging in the late 70’s.

A wall painting inspired by Keith Haring (copyright creative commons, Chris Hunkeler)


We find it noticeable that Coach found inspiration in Keith Haring’s work because it sort of echoes Vuitton’s recent partnership with Jeff Koons. Not that luxury and premium brands haven’t done partnerships with artists before. But those two artists have some common roots.
Note however that Vuitton’s partnership with Koons is going beyond the mere customization of products. As we pointed out in another article it also encompasses the display windows which have become work of Art themselves.

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1 Comment

  1. On vois ici la limite des creative commons. Des copies labelisée CC. J’ aime cette license, mais ces utilisateurs ignorent les limites légales des friendly use laws.

    _H_H_H_H_H*’´___ 110 mêtres haie[risson]. TM. (c)¢)O

    Un hômage aux fresques activiste de ma jeunesse.

    (J’ai la verssion anglaise aussi. :p)

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