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4 examples of inbound marketing to attract more customers!

By Pierre-Nicolas Schwab PhD in marketing, director of IntoTheMinds
Examples of inbound marketing are flourishing on the Internet. Indeed, brands are becoming increasingly inventive in improving their lead generation capabilities. Here, we explain the benefits of the 4 best practices in inbound marketing. We’ll also go over the exact definition of this concept, which is […]

Examples of inbound marketing are flourishing on the Internet. Indeed, brands are becoming increasingly inventive in improving their lead generation capabilities. Here, we explain the benefits of the 4 best practices in inbound marketing. We’ll also go over the exact definition of this concept, which is important for your brand’s awareness. But before that, we’ll review the key figures to understand the mechanics of this practice.

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Inbound marketing: 6 major statistics

  • Leads from inbound marketing are 61% less expensive than leads from outbound marketing.
  • 80% of sales managers favor articles over ads to dig up information about a company.
  • 81% of Google users go through the search engine before purchasing a product/service.
  • 25% of U.S. B2B companies plan to explore podcasting and live streaming more in the coming years. This number is up 3% from 2020.
  • 83% of marketers think it’s better to create content less often but of good quality rather than often publishing mediocre content.
  • 30% of the pages on the first page of Google on the computer do not appear on the first mobile page. So, you need to invest your time and money in a mobile-first

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing has one objective: to make your brand attractive to prospects. Spontaneity is the key. Here, it is not the company but the user who initiates the commercial transaction. Indeed, the customer is looking for information on a particular offer of which your brand is part. So, to get a potential customer interested, some brands are proactive. In this case, the best examples of inbound marketing are full of companies that are innovative with content marketing.

Nevertheless, inbound marketing is relatively recent, having emerged in the 2000s. It is based on the premise that marketing strategies that were once successfully employed no longer work today (Bezhovski, 2015). Therefore, this practice focuses on originality, innovation, and customer experience improvement.

examples of inbound marketing leads

4 examples of inbound marketing to generate more leads

As you can see, we are dealing here with a practice that aims to bring the customer to you rather than the other way around. For this reason, a good example of inbound marketing is content creation. Moreover, good inbound marketing strategies work wonderfully in the context of digital marketing. That’s why below are 4 examples of inbound marketing that help grow your customer base:

  • Work with your search engine optimization (SEO) daily
  • Design informative and visual white papers
  • Launching a branded podcast
  • Keep a regularly updated blog to popularize your knowledge of the industry


inbound marketing exemple blog

SEO may be one of the best examples of inbound marketing

It’s easier to begin this list using SEO (or search engine optimization) techniques. Any example of inbound marketing would only be effective with good SEO to back it up. SEO includes all the techniques that allow brands to rank well in Google search results. Thus, it grants greater visibility to your different contents. According to a recent Forbes article, it is one of the best digital marketing strategies to increase your prospect database.

A complete and effective SEO strategy involves the following:

  • analyzing the relevant keywords vis-à-vis your industry. This is a central element in the optimization of content. It ensures its relevance and visibility online.
  • ensuring a coherent internal mesh, but also mentioning external sources. Indeed, you will only receive backlinks if you provide some on your side.
  • create quality content intended for a previously defined audience.
  • and a design according to the rules of UX design to ensure a good customer conversion.


inbound marketing exemple livres blancs

White papers: visual and synthetic

Next, white papers bring together all the good characteristics of a good example of inbound marketing:

  • It is built to appeal to a specific marketing target against in-depth research and persona study.
  • Its popularizing character shows a strong informative nature. It is, in fact, this that determines the added value of the white paper.
  • And its visual aspect makes it a great asset to improving its awareness online. Indeed, today’s visual contents allow us to amass a huge amount of traffic.

But that’s not all. The white paper is a superb customer management tool. It is a resource that is available free of charge online. All you have to do to get it is download it. And this download allows you to get the email address, the first name, and the origin of the prospect. Thus, this can symbolize the start of emailing campaigns aimed at the people most interested in your content!

Also, the repeated downloads of a user testify to his interest in your brand. Therefore, launching account-based marketing campaigns (i.e., campaigns designed according to the best customers’ needs) is also a good idea. You can find a white paper we designed below as an example of inbound marketing. It summarizes the conclusions of our guide on the marketing mix:




inbound marketing exemple podcasts

With podcasts, there are many good examples of inbound marketing

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, inbound marketing is a relatively recent discipline. However, the latest trend is podcasts. These audio contents turn the tables on information transmission. Here, the user’s interest is aroused by captivating storytelling and stories of successful entrepreneurs.

Branded podcasts are, therefore, worthwhile examples of inbound marketing. They are unlimited and can range from news to educational content to interviews. The market research firm IntoTheMinds has its podcast and helps entrepreneurs create their own. We help you produce quality, targeted audio content!

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Podcasts are an interesting gateway to inbound marketing. You don’t need to invest much money to launch yours now!


inbound marketing exemple vidéos

The blog is an excellent example of inbound marketing

It gathers all your content in one place and allows you to identify your offer and your values. Possibly the ultimate example of inbound marketing, the blog is a surefire way to increase your online awareness. It is an excellent tool to ensure constant traffic on your website, provided that you maintain it properly.

Indeed, the blog is not one of the best examples of inbound marketing for nothing. It requires constant attention and effort. In addition, a blog with strong online authority meets the following conditions:

  • Added value: without a clear value proposition for users, no clicks and, therefore, no leads.
  • Regular publications: maintain an editorial calendar spaced far enough apart in time, never to leave your blog without new content. And for every new blog post, don’t forget to promote it on social media!
  • Viral and long-lasting creations: some of your blog’s content should be aligned with industry news, while other content will likely become references in the long term.


examples of inbound marketing sources


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